Why Biden should be investigated
I am not an investigative news reporter; I have neither the experience nor the resources they have. Still, I found out the following on why Biden needs to be investigated. Now pay attention, this is in chronological order.
1.      In April, 2014 Biden’s son joins Burisma. Burisma is a holding company for a group of energy exploration and production companies. It is based in Kiev. It first came under investigation by the British authorities. Hunter Biden was paid $50,000.00 a month, to start.
2.      That same month, Britain froze the bank account of Ukrainian Mykola Zlochesky. The man running Burisma.
3.      Both the state department and the Obama White House are publicly unconcerned with Hunter Biden’s role with Burisma because he is a private citizen.
4.      November 2014. Biden’s PR pays off as Burisma joins with USAID (United States Agency for International Development), from the American people.
5.      January 2015. Ukrainian prosecutors refuse to cooperate with the British Probe into Burisma.
6.      September 2015. US Ambassador to Ukraine calls out ongoing frustration over corruption in Ukraine and Burisma. He calls for another investigation.
7.      December 8, 2015, The Vice President criticizes Ukraine corruption and the countries Prosecutor General.
8.      The next day, the New York Times reports, “The involvement of the Vice Presidents' son with Mr. Zlochevsky’s firm undermines the Obama administration's corruption message in the Ukraine.
9.      February 2, 2016. According to a Ukraine news agency the court seized Burisma founder’s assets and says Ulagaurd is suspected of corruption.
10.  February 22, 2016. Consulting firm Blue Star Strategies with former Clinton officials asks for a meeting with State Department Undersecretary. They want them to give a clean slate to Burisma and say they are upstanding.
11.  In an email they ask that Hunter Biden receive the same clean slate as a board member. They wanted to convince the Obama administration that Burisma was not corrupt.
12.  March, 2016. The Vice President threatens to hold back aid if they won’t fire the Prosecutor General Victor Shokin. He has bragged for anyone to see that “If prosecutor is not fired, the Billions of dollars will not be given.” This is broadcast video available on the internet.

Does anyone out there, after reading this still believe that Joe Biden, and especially Hunter Biden doesn’t deserve to be investigated. Hunter Biden, who by the way was kicked out of the Navy with a less than honorable discharge, it is wieldy reported the reason for being kicked out was cocaine usage.
You all need to ask this question:
How does someone with a record of administrative discharge for drug use and having no experience or knowledge of what Burisma does get a job on its board and paid upwards of $80,000.00 a month. The same board his father had been put in charge of by Obama to investigate corruption claims.
I’m nobody. Just an average Joe, but it seems to me if a company was about to be investigated for corruption, why would you not hire Hunter Biden son of the Vice President who has been put in charge to investigate them. Surely they will survive as long as the Vice President’s son works for them.
One other mention; if we ever find out the truth about Hunter Biden and his father Joe Biden and that truth is criminal, would you then say to President Trump, “Duh, gosh Mr.’ President. You were right. They did do something criminal. Sorry about that whole impeachment thing.” If you admit you would not, then that is the problem with the left.
“Now you know the rest of the story.”    


  1. It amazes me that nothing had been done about this years ago. It was an explicit threat made by Joe Biden. Why has he not been investigated, prosecuted, tried and sentenced? I have seen the video. He laughs while threatening to hold vital aid to a country. This done in order to protect himself, his son and the Obama administration from their participation in a very corrupt matter that was widespread. They received personal monetary gain to the tune of very, very large amounts of money. It becomes so clear, once you start looking back and deep into information from different media sources, that the Democratic party is desperate and treacherous enough to go to any, and I mean any, lengths to protect their corruption. Once that can is opened who knows how many worms will crawl out and we learn how many Democratic pockets have been lined with personal wealth.

    1. You are right on GSM. I hope more people will open their minds to the truth instead of the constant treachery they have been indoctrinated into.

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